G-Loc Air Battle - Series Music Collection

Version: Japan
Audio CD
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track listing

1. Coin * 「G-LOC AIR BATTLE」
2. Opening **
3. BGM A
4. BGM B
5. 谷間の空中戦 BGM
6. BGM C
7. BGM D
8. 地上攻撃 BGM
9. Last Mission
10. Continue **
11. Landing **
12. Congratulations **
13. Phrase
14. Name Entry **
15. Fanfare -Hiro-
16. Fanfare
17. Coin * 「R360[G-LOC]」
18. Earth Frame G
20. Opening
21. Funky Bomb
22. Lunar Ground
23. Shuffle Cannon
24. K-City
25. Burn Out
26. Hyper Hopper
27. Ending
28. What's Your Name?
29. One More Time
30. Not Use
31. AIR BATTLE Series Medley -S.S.T. Hommage Re-Arr Ver.-

Item Description

Giving a shock at the latest recording & mastering 2020 edition, G-LOC AIR BATTLE (1990) / R360 [G-LOC] (1990) / STRIKE FIGHTER (1991). Includes S.S.T. official Air Battle Series Medley S.S.T. Hommage Re-Arr Ver by Mr. Kei Takanishi.

CD G-LOC Air Battle Series Music Collection is released to commemorate the download exclusive software Sega Ages G-Loc Air Battle for Nintendo Switch scheduled to be distributed by SEGA Games Inc.

In this album, the arcade version "G-Loc Air Battle" (1990), which was the porting source, and its series works "R360 [G-LOC]" (1990), "STRIKE FIGHTER" (1991), Covering all background music. First of all, 16 tracks from the dog fight shooting "G-Loc Air Battle" which appeared on the arcade as the 11th Sega bodily game in 1990. In the same year, two tracks from "R360 [G-LOC]" rebuilt for a special case that can be said to be the final form of the bodily sensation game. Twelve tracks from "Strike Fighter" that appeared in 1991 as a new game with completely different game content based on "G-LOC" in 1991.

The Special Bonus Track, which can be called the highlight of this album, includes a new arrangement "Air Battle Series Medley - SST Hommage Re-Arr Ver" based on the legendary game music live band "SSTBAND".

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