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Game Lab 2020 Spring Summer

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Game Lab 2020 Spring Summer


A super feature on Super Nintendo, which celebrates its 30th anniversary!

Follow the footsteps of the famous machine that led the game scene in the 90's! Disassemble all detailed model changes such as model numbers and explain! Even the introduction of the domestic 2D RPG that has reached the golden age, and the interview of the developer of super rare doujin sufami software! In addition, FF7 remake consideration, switch mystery remodeling, expected compatible machine Polymega, postponement commemorative Olympic game feature!

・FC Cassette Astro Ninja Man
・PC engine mini disassembly report
・New generation compatible machine Polymega
・Megadora Unreleased Soft Mad Stalker

30th anniversary of Sufami
・New cassette Nekotako development story
・Ayumi of Super Nintendo 30 years
・Super NES model guide
・Super NES peripheral equipment expo
・The current Sufami RPG
・Sufami tie-up game series
・Find the eroticism of Sufami!
・SM trainer Hitomi Bukkake interview

New and retro!
・Official & unofficial Olympic games large set
・World of Final Fantasy VII
・What is FFVII remake?
-Basic knowledge of book-type software
・Dreamcast Brachira Research Institute
・Megadrive controller picture book
・Revive! Nintendo Arcade
・All reviews of the Golden Ax series
・Nintendo Switch Android plan
・GL Hack News 2020 first half
・Live video studio (tentative)
・Emergency interview request for self-restraint and arcade

Manga & Novel Corner
Pyokotan Marutan Calvet
Sorge Izura Kobayashi Copper Bug
Watanabe Electric Co., Ltd.
Mamiya Kyoshiro Gyu Tei Akano Craft

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