General Feature Yosuke Takahashi Large Expansion New Edition - Mugen Shinshi 40th Anniversary

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The latest 15,000-character long interview, special interview with Mugen Mamiya, newly drawn color manga, new special contributions by Takeshi Obata, Rensuke Oshikiri, Yoko Nihonbashi, valuable books not included, and plenty of luxurious permanent preservation Edition.

●Drawing color manga "Mermaid Love" "Kiss Me"
● Yosuke Takahashi 15,000 characters Latest long interview
● "Mugen Shinshi" 40th Anniversary Special Dialogue "Mugen Shinshi x Yosuke Takahashi"
● Special contribution
Daijiro Morohoshi, Hideo Azuma, Mineo Maya, Akihiro Yamada, Kazuhiro Fujita, Shou Tajima, Kouta Hirano
Takeshi Obata, Rensuke Oshikiri, Yoko Nihonbashi
● Ghibli dialogue "Daijiro Morohoshi x Yosuke Takahashi"
● Horror dialogue "Junji Ito x Yosuke Takahashi"
● 6 valuable manga including works not included in the book
"Cat House" (30p)
"Kami's scary story" (24p)
"A story ending with a prologue" (16p)
"Smoke Girl" (12p)
"Clay face" (6p)
"Othello ~ White and Black ~" (34p)
● Valuable rough sketches open to the public
● Thorough research from the "Mugen Shinshi" series
"Mugen Mamiya and" Women ""
"Mugen Mamiya and" Monsters ""
● Character Encyclopedia 44
Thorough commentary on 44 characters such as Mugen Mamiya, Mizorogi Benizo, Yamagishi Ryoichi, Kudan Kukiko, Tenome, Professor Ryer, Mrs. Cat, Crazy Piero, and Phantom Thief Milk.
● Review
Hideyuki Kikuchi "Innocent Roman"
Masahiko Inoue "Yosuke Takahashi Sea Works"
Fusanosuke Natsume "Where did Yosuke Takahashi come from?"
Tomoyo Iwashita "Drawing -The" Speed ​​of the Story "of Hasuke Manga"
● Thorough commentary on 55 major works
● List of all 305 works

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