Generation of Chaos

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Version: US
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Generation of Chaos
Generation of Chaos
Generation of Chaos
Generation of Chaos
Generation of Chaos

Product Features

  • Massive 30 versus 30 combats
  • 10 different kingdoms to play with each with different story and ending
  • Create, grow, and govern you own kingdom
  • Over 100 commanders to customize your army
  • Speedy real time battles

Item Description

When mortal existence was still in its infancy, the Gods waged a terrible war for their souls. Fighting to the death, they created ultimate weapons of Armageddon, the Dragon Kings, whose roars could be heard across thousands of leagues, and destructive power, ultimately, caused the extinction of the Gods themselves.

That is the legend passed down since ancient times. People feared the beings called Dragons, and revered them.

The Dravanian Revolution ended in 1701, leaving the country in ruins. In the wake of this chaos, Minister Zeo deftly maneuvered through the political system to emerge as the country’s strong new leader. Before long, Zeo began to transform Dravania into a powerful military force. Now, Dravania has risen from the ashes to restore peace and prosperity to the rest of Lost Grounds.

Customer reviews

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Great game but...
As a human interface designer of over 14 years I can say with confidence that the interface issues in this game will confuse MANY players. It\'s confouding how iF managed to obfuscate so much information in this game.

New strategy game players beware...even with the mini strategy guide available from NIS America this game will have you scratching your head for HOURS before you get a handle on its mechanics.

That being said, once you DO overcome the really bad interface, the game becomes very fun to play. A cross between Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Dragon Force, GoC has a LOT to offer fans.
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some major issues
This game is definitely fun...but you will need a lot of time/patience due to massive lag and loadings. The game could have been much much better...all the players I know who bought this game says the lag during the battle and frequency of loadings make this game unplayable
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one of the best PSP games!!
Awesome game!! perfect design and a very interessting gameplay! buy it!
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Greatest PSP game ever...For those with patience!
I have had this game since the Japanese release almost a year ago.Many will tell you never to purchase this game, many would say the game is awful, many like myself would actually say this game is a masterpiece.The gameplay is difficult to pick up at first, but if you simply read the manual before jumping in, no problems will arise for quite some time.Battles are easy to learn as well, with as many layers as an onion strategy wise.Be warned though, the battles are very slow, as well as a bit of lag in voiced conversations.Over all, this game has enough fantastic anime characters, gameplay, replay value, as well as a story for each of the monarchs.This game has been in my PSP for nearly a year, they even included Japanese voices for those who prefer that language as opposed to American voicework, which was simply fantastic.A little odd if you heard Allen\'s original voice,having a thirty somthing man\'s voice replaced by a voice of a seventeen to twenty years old man was a little odd.It\'s usually the Japanese that make thier character voices sound older!To make my drawn out point though, the game is fantastic, the greatest game of this year in my opinion.Even Kingdon Hearts 2 can not out-do this game in my eyes...It will be close though!

Perfect game for those who enjoy a slow paced game with beautiful graphics, perfect anime characters,amazing gameplay, and brilliant novel-esque stories!
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