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Language  English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Cantonese, Simplified Chinese
Ghost 1.0 + Unepic Collection
Ghost 1.0 + Unepic Collection
Ghost 1.0 + Unepic Collection
Ghost 1.0 + Unepic Collection
Ghost 1.0 + Unepic Collection
Ghost 1.0 + Unepic Collection
Ghost 1.0 + Unepic Collection

Product Features

  • Explore more than 200 rooms
  • Discover over 100 different weapons
  • Learn more than 70 spells
  • Unearth countless hidden treasures
  • Defeat nasty enemies, including terrifying bosses
  • WEAPONS - Enjoy unlimited ammo and find or purchase new weapons with unique strengths and weaknesses
  • GHOST - Unique game design where the protagonist is not the android you see, but the being that remotely controls it
  • UPGRADES - The more you collect, the more you got. Hassle-free inventory management from aggressive drones to bullet improvements
  • ITEMS - Devices you can use at any time. High-tech equivalents to potions and scrolls
  • SECRETS - Find hundreds of secrets hidden in over 300 different rooms. Find all secrets in each level for special rewards
  • STORY - Fully voiced in English, Spanish or Russian, enjoy an intriguing journey filled with humor, dialogue and cinematics
  • GAME MODES - Choose between "classic" and "survival" mode for a different gameplay experience
  • SKILL TREE - Level up characters and obtain special skills in this RPG style game component



Item Description


Ghost 1.0

"Ghost" is a Metroidvania where two super hackers hire a mysterious agent in order to infiltrate the Nakamura Space Station and steal the greatest electronic secret ever. Of course, the space station will defend itself, which is where the fun begins: the station's defenses, with their never-ending arsenal of weapons and artifacts, will have to be destroyed. But the story gets more complicated when the hackers find out about their agent's hidden ties

Unepic is a mixture of platforming and role-playing game that takes place in a huge castle of medieval fantasy. In Unepic you will explore more than 200 rooms, discover over 100 different weapons and learn more than 70 spells! Unearth countless hidden treasures and defeat nasty enemies, including seven terrifying bosses.

Unepic combines an ‘80s style with modern features. The fantastical adventure is fully narrated with 2000 lines of dialogue and rife with pop-culture references. Unepic will have you coming back for more and more, supporting multiple endings and various difficulty settings.

Ghost 1.0
- voice: English, Spanish, Russian
- voice: English, Spanish

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Total votes: 5

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Good Game With A Another Good Game Added For Free.
I honestly didn't bother at first to see that the another game was added to the game I ordered which was Ghost 1.0. so having Unepic was a happy surprise. Really appreciate this site store as getting this game combo for this price is amazing and yes while it takes a week or two to be delivered it's well worth it. Ghost 1.0. is obviously a budget game but the overall gameplay mechanics are both addictive and fun to play and can't wait to play Unepic which I honestly have no idea how good/bad it is but hey for this price I've no complaints. I find it amusing that I see some other games in the United States complaining about waiting two to three weeks for their games to be delivered and all I can say to them is wake up. Waiting for a good game that's hard to find if not impossible to get in the states and to find it here for a great price I'm more then willing to wait rather then pay a third party game scalper on Amazon or Ebay three to five times the price more then what it's being sold for here.
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Fun and interesting metroidvania
This is a pretty good metroidvania, usually they are mostly very heavily focused on combat and not as much on dialogue.
But this one has a bit of that and it's a lot of fun.
You play as a robot android witch can take control of other robots to open up paths and/or fight enemies, so give this one a chance, i enjoyed it :)
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2 games in 1! this is a must own for the Nintendo Switch!
Ghost 1.0 is a Metroidvania video game developed and published by Francisco Téllez de Meneses, the developer of Unepic, in collaboration with an unnamed development team. This is a very fun game & worth every debt note. Get to today before it becomes rare again!
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Unepic is the Better of the 2
Not impressed with Ghost 1.0. Have played much better Metroid clones. However, Unepic, a game I thought I wouldn't particularly enjoy is quite good. The concept is unique and the dialogue is welcome and entertaining. With Ghost 1.0 I found the dialogue to be tedious at best.
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Dos juegazos por el precio de uno, que mas se puede pedir, ademas en varios idomas.
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