Girls Continue Vol.12

Version: Japan
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Item Description

Cover & opening feature ChroNoiR
A new door opens for the two who have celebrated their 5th anniversary.ChroNoiR celebrates its 5th anniversary since its formation. In a conversation, Kano and Kuzuha look back on the five years they have spent as VTubers belonging to Nijisanji and as ChroNoiR.This was the first time in about 5 years since their debut that ChroNoiR had a magazine discussion, and it was a long conversation that lasted 3 hours.The cover is designed with a new illustration drawn by Umino. In addition, we will introduce the secret story of the recording of the 2nd full album "Wonder Wander World" and the latest MV!A special feature at the beginning of the cover packed with ChroNoiR's 5 years.
●Special feature
Shiki Nagi Akira (Nijisanji VTuber) x Nashi (horror author)
special conversation & newly written collaboration
●Special Feature
Mizuki Umezu Night/Yomimi Yomimi “Night on the Galaxy Railway”


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