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GO by Train!! Hashiro Yamanote Line

Compatible with PlayStation 4™, PlayStation VR™
Works on all systems sold worldwide, a correct regional account may be required for online features.
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GO by Train!! Hashiro Yamanote Line
GO by Train!! Hashiro Yamanote Line
GO by Train!! Hashiro Yamanote Line
GO by Train!! Hashiro Yamanote Line


  • Experience various modes including "Operator’s Way" a chapter-by-chapter mode with an eventual ending, and "VR Mode" which is exclusive to the PlayStation 4 version
  • The March 2020-opened Takanawa Gateway Station has been faithfully reproduced in the game!
  • You can also operate lines and trains that do not appear in the arcade version, such as the Saikyou Line and Narita Express


The Best At-Home Train Operator Experience

Densha de GO!! finally appears on consoles! Become a train operator and go around the ever-popular Yamanote Line, now with the addition of the new Takanawa Gateway Station. Enjoy the best at-home train operator experience while maintaining the detail of the arcade version.

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Hoping for more
I am happy that this series is revived and do not regret the purchase. The actual driving and goal-setting is good. However, in terms of atmosphere, it does not reach the heights of former entries. You mostly drive counterclockwise Yamanote, with not much variation. The environment disappoints, station decorations (commuters, billboards) are bland, station melodies are missing. There is no option to drive during night. I hope for more and better games in the series.
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Densha de go ( switch)
I grew up with Densha de go. Personally, I think it's a pity that you only took the circuit from Tokyo. and not the last Densha de go (finale) that had 4 lines reissued. The graphics are beautiful, as is the game, but just one line isn't enough these days
Therefore only 2 stars, it could have been done better
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A-Train Hajimaru Kankou Keikaku
This game is extremely difficult. It's nearly overwhelming since there's so much that you're expected to do to complete a scenario. What's worse, the game doesn't always do a good job of explaining the more specific elements of game-play and the controls are a bit on the clunky side but, for some odd reason, it's incredibly addictive. The first time I played it I spent over two and a half hours with the tutorial before realizing I had messed so badly that I needed to start over. I didn't care at all since it's just that compelling.

If you're the type of person who enjoys games with graphs and crunching numbers and actually needing to focus and use your intellect you will love this game since it has a lot of replay value.
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Don't let the cute characters fool you, a pretty deep hardcore city management sim
It's a rather long running series and I had to pick it up with English support.

It's a pretty in-depth (and can be very overwhelming) city / transport management sim that you need to have the appetite to really enjoy. Don't expect a light cakewalk as you'll need to focus very early and fast.
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Amazing Simulation
This is by far an incredible experience in VR. You feel like you are in Japan right there in the action. Drive a train.. don't hit people.. it's more complex than it seems and even with 0 Japanese you eventually work it out. Learn the Kanji for OK and you'll be applying for a job with JR in no time
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