Godzilla Original Soundtrack

Version: Japan
Audio CD
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track listing

1. Main Title
2. Ashioto M.E.
3. Eikō-maru no Chinbotsu
4. Bingo-maru no Chinbotsu
5. Daitojima no Fuan
6. Daitojima no Kagura
7. Arashi no Daitojima
8. Daitojima no Theme
9. Frigate March 1
10. Suisō no Kyōfu
11. Godzilla Jōriku
12. Godzilla no mōi
13. Kesshi no Hōsō
14. Godzilla Tōkyōwan e
15. Godzilla Geigeki-seyo
16. Teito no Sanjō
17. Oxygen・Destroyer
18. Heiwa e no Inori
19. Frigate March 2
20. Kaitei-ka no Godzilla
21. Ending

Item Description

Remastered SHM-CD versions of 20 titles released 30 years ago plus two unreleased titles in the Showa Era become available to commemorate the 70th anniversary of "Godzilla" series! Features 2024 digital remastering (MONO/STEREO).Cover artwork is inspired by theater window signs of various eras.


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