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Bandai Namco haveannounced that the world's favorite radioactive behemoth will be making his way to Japan, exclusively on the PS3!

First things first, despite the recent Godzilla film this is NOT a direct movie tie-in!Godzillafor the PS3 has been developed as a throwback to the classicGodzillafilms of the ’50s and onwards, which will definitely shine throughwhen you see theiruse ofscreen tint, tokusatsu (a style of special effects), and graphic style.

In typical Japanese industryfashion gameplay has remained largely unknown for the time being, but the trailers and a little guesswork implies thatyou'll play as Godzilla himself - using cities as your battlegroundand wrecking them as you face off against a roster of familiarenemies. As a little bonus the game will even include Legendary Pictures'version of the massive creature as an enemy- so you can decide which generationof the God Lizard prevails!


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Awesome Game
This game is an amazing game if you're a true Godzilla fan. Only problems are the small stages and the fact that you only play as Godzilla and not another Kaiju but other than that amazing game.
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best godzilla game today
the game is awesome best up to this day. but I wish we could use other monsters as well....maybe for the next game if they make one
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Godzilla Rises
A massive amount of love and care given to all the iconic characters to ensure that everyone from Biollante to Super-Mechagodzilla looks, sounds and acts like they do in the movies
Simple but engaging controls that ensure you feel like Godzilla
Legendary Godzilla and Burning Godzilla are unlockable as playable characters
Fully customizable soundtrack allowing you to rampage or fight monsters to either your favorite songs or classic Akira Ifukube scores as you choose
Surprisingly addicting due to multiple story path choices and play styles
Can grow Godzilla from 50 meters to over 100 meters by destroying the city/area/G-Generators to battle a defeat any threat that comes your way
Several fan favorite kaiju appear including Destoroyah, Jet Jaguar, Mothra and King Ghidorah
Fully destroyable areas with the military fighting you every step of the way (and often failing)

The way Burning Godzilla and Legendary Godzilla are used feels underwhelming and incomplete
Game's low budget feels a little obvious
Low replay value
Gameplay areas are small
Can only play as Godzilla

Final thoughts-
"Godzilla" is not a perfect game nor is it the perfect Godzilla game. Its low budget and rushed production hold it back too much for that... BUT for a game with such constraints its difficult to stop playing. This game genuinely makes you feel like you have become Godzilla and you are free to destroy or save Japan (or more often both) as you see fit. This game feels like the prototype to a Godzilla game on par with the Batman Arkham games in terms of fun and respect to the mythos.

To any Godzilla fans, Kaiju Fans and Gamers interested, know that though this game isn't exactly AAA quality, it is the gateway to an even greater Godzilla experience in the future that is still a fun and addicting play in its own right.
Please let Bandai and Toho know that Godzilla does have a place in the modern video game media by supporting this game... and allowing an even bigger and stronger sequel game to rise from the depths in the near future.
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Boy loves it.
My boy wanted this game from Santa and Santa delivered. Boy likee!
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The one of best godzilla game in wrold if you are godzilla fan you need get this game right now
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