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Gold Gashbell!! Friendship Tag Battle

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Gold Gashbell!! Friendship Tag Battle is a fighting game based on the Japanese anime series.

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A disappointing game made even worse by poor choices in design...and Wonrei
It's a shame that Konjiki no Gash Bell never got a quality video game released for it. Bandai just seems to screw up perfect anime, time and time again.

The game is a VERY BASIC 3D fighter starring Gash(or Zatch) as well as five other supporting characters from the anime series. You'll use one of these characters in the game's four modes: Single Player, Two player versus or Mission Mode, and Omake Mode is only for unlockables such as card data. Depending on how much you paid for this game, this is either going to be surprising or very underwhelming to you.

As far as gameplay, you'll be using two buttons...if that. You launch spells at opponents, and then you wait to see if they'll shield or simply take the hit. Seriously, the A.I. sucks in this game. More on that later. Control-wise, the game is poor, and remember, the game only makes heavy use of two buttons--A for spells and X for shielding. You could say B for hand combos but unless you like getting hit when doing Mission Mode you'll want to hover over the X button...permanently. Some spells require inputs with the Control Stick. It seems like there's a delay, or rather, it works when it feels like it wants to work. Example: I'll try to use Jikerudo, which is Back+A, but the game will cast a standard A, Zaker, for no reason. This happens with every character, and I feel that it is due to the lack of polish and accuracy in inputs read by the game itself. I'm glad this game is very basic on one hand. Anything requiring serious inputs, similar to Bloody Roar Extreme or even Gekitou Ninja Taisen, would be impossible for this sloppy game.

The game's A.I. is astoundingly horrible. On some modes, such as one-player versus, they don't pose the smallest of a threat. However, in the various missions of Mission Mode, the A.I. can get brutal and very unfair, spamming attacks to keep you out of range, so that you cannot complete your objective. Several characters, such as Zeon or Kido, seem to be deliberately spamming, simply to get in cheap shots or run down the timer, causing a loss for you, the angry player.

The bane of my hatred for this pitiful Gamecube title stems from none other than the abysmal, unsatisfying and stupid Mission Mode. Mission Mode is a mess. It is full of pointless objectives that require no explanation, and as insult to injury, finishing them leaves no impression. They're just useless and barely serve the purpose of "gameplay". One big complaint for me is the absence of quality control with how the mode is set-up and how you progress. If you lose (and you will), you have to go all the way back to the select screen, pick the mission, wait for loading screens, sit through the dialogue, and wait for the match to start. Sometimes, like against Wonrei, when you're forced to fight him and not take a single hit of damage or else it's game over, you sit through some much waiting only to lose and have to start over again immediately. Was it too much to have these scenes before matches pre-loaded? Sitting through them again and again drags on the gameplay for a short and unfulfilling game even more than normal.

The entire Mission Mode is full of unfulfilling, and sometimes stupid objectives as well. They aren't worth doing, and have nothing to do with the actual notion of fighting. You'll forget that this is a fighting game if you play enough of these idiotic missions. Charging the soul gauge to the max is one example. Complete that, while your COM opponent does nothing to stop you from trying to charge, and then you win. Move on to the next mission. I don't feel like that's fulfilling gameplay at all. If you disagree, go fight Wonrei and Zeon with Ponygon again. Remember, it's required to unlock Wiseman!

Let's not forget, if you don't finish your opponent, or whatever in the hell your stupid objective happens to be in less than 60 seconds, it's game over and you start over again. Back to the Character Select screen.

Aside from Yuujou no Tag Battle's decent graphics and special spell effects, the only thing this game actually boasts is loads of content, especially compared to the original PS2 version. I do admit that it is a step up from the absolutely trash quality of the PS2 version, but the step up is but a small one. Here's what's offered: There are plenty of maps to fight on, and dozens of unlockable bonus cards. You can also level up your Mission Mode player characters, but that makes the mode much easier, shorter and boring. It just a dumb inclusion to expand on the gameplay, which is already worthless because of missions that require you to do nothing but stand and guard. Every character has several. Keep mashing X for a particular number of attacks that you must guard, because the A.I. just LOVES to spam, (they'll be sure to let you in on that very early into the game), and you can clear the objective in less than 30 seconds. Leveling up serves little purpose, even if it makes you stronger, when the bulk of the missions require little effort and very minimal "fighting".

Moving on from that tangent, the biggest thing that "Full Power" has over its PS2 release are the two unlockable characters, Umagon (Ponygon) and Akatsuki, as well as the mysterious hidden character, Wiseman. Unfortunately, without proper knowledge of the game's unlockable options, (or a copy of Konjiki no Gash Bell: Makai no Bookmark). it is nigh-impossible to get access to these characters.

The game is compatible with the GBA Link Cable, but apparently, it is required, along with a copy of Gash Bell: Makai no Bookmark, in order to unlock every character and all bonus in-game cards. So, in short, unlockables are holding players back by a roughly $40 paywall. The only other way to unlock characters is to do what I did, beat everything on the hardest difficulty, somehow manage to beat Zeon with Ponygon, and actually survive the final fight with the last hidden character. You die in that fight, then you start over. No if's ands or buts. You must reset your character's mission Mode data and start all over again from the first Mission to get another shot... The other character, Akatsuki only appears after clearing Mission Mode twice. Unlocking Akatsuki requires you to beat him in battle, and since all he can do is spam (no seriously, it's not even the A.I.'s fault this time--all of Akatsuki's moves are the same), you'll be hard-pressed to beat him within the time limit--60 seconds! Use Tio, and you may get by....

This game misses the mark in a lot of aspects. Sure, the game is full of bonus content, but everything you have to do to get to it...is dumb. The Mission Mode is the worst thing the game has to offer, and that is the bulk of Single Player. Battles are reduced to "once opponent is out of range, spam indefinitely," and the hit detection is dodgy at best no matter the range. Characters like Brago and Wonrei carry too much power (and glitchy hitboxes) over the rest of the cast and their moves are both inescapable and unstoppable. And you can be sure the A.I. knows how to use Wonrei to his utmost potential. He's broken. So is the fighting engine. If you spam, you win. If you're Wonrei, you automatically win. It's pathetic. Even if there's a ton of stuff in Omake mode, the struggle to get to it is not worth it. Yuujou Tag Battle is another poor release from Bandai. The design of the game itself, with Mission Mode at the forefront of the game's horrible quality, is awful. It's a very stunted game compared to an actual fighting game, and the mechanics are very unpolished. Mission Mode is painful to even mention. It's by far the most dreadful thing I've ever completed in a video game and all for nothing. There are no special unlockables for select missions or anything and you don't get any new characters for completing all three levels of difficulty. For a $5.99-$7.99 price tag as of June 2016, I think that's...a little too much for this game. I paid $3 and honestly, I would've rather had money for lunch than potentially lose my lunch attempting to tolerate this awful game for a second. Fans of Zatch Bell, I hate to even suggest this, but look elsewhere. Nothing in Yuujou no Tag Battle Full Power is worth paying for. If you're curious, give Tag Battle 2 a shot first. At least in that one, Brago is a starter character.
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A simple fighting game
It's very short but full of extra content, like a card gallery and nine commercials. There's three secret characters that require a GCN-GBA cable and a copy of Makai no Boobmark to unlock but you can and should get a save file that already has these characters unlocked.
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Good Game
this is a great simple beat-em-up with a small cast of characters and quite a hefty bit of unlockables such as cards and movie clips and so on.
for those who love the Gash bell series wont be dissapointed and will have more of areason to play than those who dont know of the series.
also as an extra, within the game box you will find an exclusive Gash Bell Trading Card.
Good Game!
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Great game!
I love this game! I like the way that you can use your defense spell whenever you want! I like killing oppenents like that:)! But a really great game, better than the first American one at least! But I wish I knew how to unlock the guy with the other white book! Not Zeno!! I think his name is Wiseman. If anyone knows can you please tell me in your review on here? Thanks!
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gold gashabell friendship tag battle
good clean fun, just knock lumps out of your oponent, you know what your gonna get here a honest anime fighting game. but will maybe have to try and read some japanese.
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