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Granblue Fantasy The Animation Vol.1 [Limited Edition] (Damaged Case)

DVD Region 2
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Granblue Fantasy The Animation Vol.1 [Limited Edition] (Damaged Case)


  • Comes with a booklet


DISCLAIMER: this item is damaged case.

This is a world of the sky, with many islands floating within it.

Young Gran and partner Vyrn, residents of the sacred island of Zinkenstill, meet a girl, Lyria, who fell from the sky.

Lyria had escaped the Erste Empire, a powerful nation seeking to rule the sky with their military might.

Gran and Lyria take off into the sky to escape the empire, with a mysterious letter from Gran's father: "I will be waiting at Estalucia, Island of the Astrals."

Episodes 1 & 2

Limited Edition Exclusives
- "Granblue Fantasy" Bonus Serial Code: SS Rare Character [Lieutenant of the Erste Empire] Katalina
- Original illustrated dust jacket: Lyria
- Special booklet: 1st episode storyboards (by illustration director Yuki Ito)
- Bonus footage: non-subtitled opening & ending
- Bonus audio: audio commentary of 1st episode (starring Yuki Ono, Nao Toyama, Rie Kugimiya)

*Supports Viewcast
Viewcast is a new service letting you watch content from your Blu-ray & DVD on your smartphone or tablet!
You can enjoy the main feature as well as bonus video and audio content, booklets, etc!
For details on how to watch, check out the "Viewcast form" included in your Limited Edition, or on the Viewcast official homepage.

- The serial code and all digital bonus is for the Japanese version Only. It will not work on the international version of Granblue Fantasy.
- Viewcast streaming works ONLY in Japan.

[Blu-ray & DVD All Volume Purchase Bonus]
Granblue Fantasy All Volume Purchase Bonus Serial Code
Hihiirokane + Kongosho + Damascus Steel Set

*With each serial code, you will only be able to receive the bonus items once per account.
*Note that supplies are limited for limited edition.

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