Gridman Universe

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Gridman Universe, complete novelization.

Metropolitan Tsutsujidai High School.
In the classroom after school, Yuta Hibiki draws and erases Gridman in his notebook over and over again. Once upon a time, this world was created and destroyed by a single girl. The ones who saved the girl's heart were Hyper Agent Gridman, who came from another dimension, a monster with a heart she created, and Yuta and the others.

Yuta, who has moved on to the second grade and is in a different class from Rikka, decides to confess. Their daily life in such a peaceful world began to crumble with a roar. In the midst of Yuta's crisis, Gridman suddenly appears and speaks. "The balance of this world is about to collapse".
Before long, the crimson strong dragon Dynax, Gridman's collaborators, new century junior high school students, and Yomogi Manaka, a resident of another world, appear in front of Yuta one after another.
While keeping his feelings for Rikka hidden, Yuta's extraordinary life begins.

The hit TV anime series "SSSS.GRIDMAN" and "SSSS.DYNAZENON".
And the latest completely original theater work "Gridman Universe" where the characters and worldviews of these two works have achieved a miraculous crossover. This topical work is completely novelized by Yume Mizusawa x bun150!


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