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Gundam Meets Business
Gundam Meets Business

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"GMB" is a marketer unit in which three charismatic people in the business / marketing industry work under the slogan "Business tips are in the Universal Century!".They added a new version to "Business Tips are in the Universal Century! ~ Gundam Meets Business ~" serialized on the official Gundam portal site "Gundam Info" from 2020, and finally published as a complete book.

Explains a wide range of themes that are deeply related to the business field, such as management, strategy, leadership, vision, professionalism, design, human resource development, and working styles.In order to understand modern business, we will quote Gundam's famous scenes and lines from the perspective of professional marketers and develop them as "parables" in an interesting and easy-to-understand manner. Even if you take Gundam out for meetings and chats at work, you can rest assured!

Each theme is divided into more than 20 chapters, so you can read it well even in a short time.

From the introduction:
It was a long time ago when Japanese products swept the world and were sold when they were made. Today, "marketing" is increasingly recognized as important in business. In this book, we will explain "Gundam" as an analogy or metaphor, incorporating marketing thinking and marketer perspectives, with the theme of various issues that arise in working.

Table of contents:
Chapter 1: Thinking about the important "strategy" tips in business with Gundam
Chapter 2: Thinking about the important "strategy" tips in business with Gundam
Chapter 3: Talking about "Purpose" in Gundam, which is important only in the event of a major environmental change
Chapter 4: Talking about the necessary "leadership" with Gundam, whether you are a leader or not
Chapter 5: Gundam compares the five elements that make up leadership
Chapter 6: Features and Benefits Essential for Brand Understanding
Chapter 7: Understanding the "OODA Loop" in Gundam for Correct Decision Making
Chapter 8: How to achieve your goals without being disturbed by the movement of competitors?
Chapter 9: What you need to do before you can win the glory of innovation
Chapter 10: Thinking about the career power required for personal branding
Chapter 11: How Leaders Should Face the VUCA World
Chapter 12: Thinking about co-creation that is effective even in the VUCA era
Chapter 13: Explaining Marketing in BtoB Business with Gundam
Chapter 14: BtoB Business: Preparing and Preparing for Pitch (Competitive Bidding)
Chapter 15: Thinking about Service Dominant Logic (SDL) in Gundam
Chapter 16: was entrusted with new business development. How can I survive?
Chapter 17: Understanding Diversity and Inclusiveness at Gundam
Chapter 18: As an Organization, Think about How to Behave in an Organization with Gundam
Chapter 19: Three Important Things to Promote Digital Transformation (DX)
Chapter 20: Can Job-type Employment Approach "Innovation" as an Organizational Person?
Chapter 21: Thinking about the important things to achieve the SDGs in "Reverse Char" (newly written)

Extra edition:
A view of the changing era, learned from the movie "Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway of the Flash"

AWA2021 session
Learn brand theory from "Importance of Participation and Derivative Work in Brand Formation"

"Hints are in the Universal Century! Think while reading the second and third moves"

GUNPLA EXPO TOKYO 2020 feat.GUNDAM conference
Gundam Conference Stage
"Gundam Business & Gundam Brand Theory" Talk Session ""

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