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Heroes Phantasia

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Heroes Phantasia
Heroes Phantasia
Heroes Phantasia
Heroes Phantasia


Assassins, demons, vampires and violent librarians are invading the peaceful earth. To prevent them from wiping out the population, heroes from hit anime series join forces to battle them. Some of these are magicians, such as Orphen from Sorcerous Stabber Orphen and Lina Inverse from Slayers, some are vampire hunters such as Saya from Blood+ and some are librarians such as Yomiko from Read or Die. How the players line up their formation and whether they know the special powers of the characters are the keys to victory. The action system allows the gamer to command a character to act with one press of a button. Every team consists of four people, take your favorite characters to fight, or get to know the ones you have never met on TV.

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strategy! who needs that?
if that's what you think, you're in for a rude awakening. it is not uncommon for a boss the 1 hit ko the whole party if your not careful, even with a max defense.

your special attacks are the key. you can assign many buffs/debuffs to those attacks, but careful, the bosses can cancels yours with theirs (vice-versa). heck, they can even do that as regular moves.

will you take the hit; block it at the expense of SP/energy/mana (can't recall how it's called) or dodge it (only if there is 1 or more open space in your party). luckily, you can easily tell when the enemy will use a powerful move thanks to the amount of AP it consumes, but knowing that alone won't save you.

oh, and watch that SP bar of yours, because defending uses almost 1/2 of it, which might prevent you from using your special attacks and from removing the enemies buffs/debuffs.
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Heroes Fantasia
It's a great fan base crossover game feature over 10 shows. Louie the Rune Soldier, Orphen, Blood+, Darker than Black both seasons, Sgt. Frog, My-Hime, Scry-ed, Read Or Die (R.O.D. ovas), and Slayers Revolution. The stats translation can found gamefaqs message board and gamespot forums. The difficult curve is from easy from the tutorials to hard if no strategy use. Debuffing the mini-bosses and bosses are essential to defeat them. (I use low their attack strength to increase my party's defenses). Save constantly before bosses' encounter. You never know when you might lose the fight so save the game before fight the bosses. (Tip: Put brave points to defense early as possible.)
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