Hiroki Suzuki 15th Anniversary Of Stage Debut Memorial Photo Book

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Actor Hiroki Suzuki. 15 years of running through on stage.
In 2008, Hiroki Suzuki appeared on stage for the first time in the play "Fuma no Kojiro".
15 years have passed since then. His image was always on the board.
He has continued to demonstrate his presence by appearing in many popular works such as the stage ``Yowamushi Pedal'' series and the stage ``Touken Ranbu'' series, and this time, with the theme of ``travel'', he looks back on his various steps over the past 15 years.
He bravely shot on location in Kyoto and performed a sword fight in a dignified Japanese costume in a place related to the role he played. It also includes a long interview looking back on the past, and is full of valuable scenes that can only be seen now, on the 15th anniversary. Hiroki Suzuki celebrated the 15th anniversary of his stage debut in 2023
A long-awaited memorial photo book for fans that fully captures the trajectory of the past 15 years and the future of stage and theater.