Hiryu No Ken Soundtrack Box II

Version: Japan
Audio CD
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Product Features

  • 2 Disc Edition

track listing

● Hiryuu no Ken S: Golden Fighter (Ultimate Fighter)
● SD Hiryuu no Ken
● Bonus Track

● Hiryuu no Ken Gaiden (Fighting Simulator: 2-in-1 Flying Warriors)
● Hiryuu no Ken Retsuden GB
● SD Hiryuu no Ken Gaiden
● SD Hiryuu no Ken Gaiden 2
● SD Hiryuu no Ken Gaiden EX

Item Description

Manufacturer Culture Brain has supported the Japanese gaming world since its dawn and continues to give dreams to boys and girls. The Culture Brain Soundtrack Project has begun to commercialize the music of masterpieces that shine brightly in the history of gaming!
The third installment is "Hiryu no Fist Soundtrack BOX II"! Unprecedented fighting game boom and
mobile games. Contains nine works from the middle to the latter half of the series that fought the turbulent wave of the machine boom.
Here, “Hiryu no Ken Soundtrack BOX II” was born!


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