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Hokuto ga Gotoku [Premium Edition]

Compatible with PlayStation 4™ (PS4™)
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Hokuto ga Gotoku [Premium Edition]
Hokuto ga Gotoku [Premium Edition]
Hokuto ga Gotoku [Premium Edition]
Hokuto ga Gotoku [Premium Edition]
Hokuto ga Gotoku [Premium Edition]
Hokuto ga Gotoku [Premium Edition]
Hokuto ga Gotoku [Premium Edition]


  • Please be advised that all codes (DLC) will only work with PSN accounts from the same country (region)
  • Experience the charm of a new Kenshiro - Never seen before in a number of Hokuto works!
  • The basic system of adventure - Loaded with a lot of play spots and side missions!
  • Day and night of "Miracle town / Eden" - Where there are markets called bazaars and neon glittering red-light districts. Furthermore, it is possible to play in various spots on the vast "wilderness" spread outside Eden
  • Let's enjoy the life of the century by becoming Kenshiro!


Year 199X, the world has been ruined by nuclear war, but humanity has survived. Centuries of civilizations are ruined forever, in this new savage era, only the strongest have access to food, water, and resources to live a little better life. In this world dominated by violence and mistreatment, there’s a place called Eden, also known as “the city of miracles”. This city is full of energy and water which is provided by a giant building, and this means that its citizens can live a relaxed life compared with the other people…

One day, Kenshiro, the savior of the century's end, and 64th successor of Hokuto Shinken – an ancient martial art that uses the opponent’s hidden meridian points – arrives in Eden to find his long-lost love Yuria.
What destiny awaits them in Eden? Discover it with Hokuto ga Gotoku for PlayStation 4, developed by Toshiro Nagoshi, this new adventure game melts seamlessly the luxurious gameplay mechanics of the "Yakuza" series with the exciting world of "Hokuto no Ken", the worldwide beloved manga series written by Buronson and drawn by Tetsuo Hara.

Note:Please be informed that the DLC is already expired.


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The best Hokuto game on the market. This edition comes with various extra content such as the original anime opening themes and the hilarious Kiryu skin which turns Kenshiro into Kazuma Kiryu. Recommended for all Hokuto and Ryu ga Gotoku Fans.
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Great Game
Very Great game. I don't think they should ever come out with a western/english release (i personally love that japan has the exclusives it has and to all you people always crying LEARN THE LANGUAGE!, gives you a reason to actually learn a new language if you love the games so much that come from that region) the game is beautiful as it is and it should only be exclusive to asia/japan. americans know of DBZ and all this common stuff they don't deserve this game. The game itself DOES play like kens' rage so don't listen to other posts saying other wise too, they have no idea what they are talking about, it's literally the same game as ken's rage, the only differences are you move faster, combat is faster, and there is more of a city to explore like in the yakuza series but don't be misled the gameplay, is 100% like kens' rage. Great game 10/10 and if you're one crying about the language barrier, learn the language or move on and stop buying imported games, stick to things in your region, stop crying and demanding for every game (not in your language) to be in your language, you have this much of an interest in another culture, learn the language.
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best hokuto game to date
honestly the only thing it could use is english subs
and maybe more playable characters (I know not likely but i wanna dream)
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Ken is back!
awesome game from author of Yakuza series, one of the most fun Hokuto no Ken game ever!
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A Great game for Hokuto no Ken enthusiasts
Definitely a must have, even it's it's in japanese language :)
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