How To Draw Girls' Bodies

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How To Draw Girls' Bodies
How To Draw Girls' Bodies
How To Draw Girls' Bodies
How To Draw Girls' Bodies
How To Draw Girls' Bodies
How To Draw Girls' Bodies
How To Draw Girls' Bodies

Item Description

If you are conscious of "bone" and "flesh feeling", you can draw a more sexy girl!

- Big boobs, tight thighs, round and plump butt.
- Many sexy female characters appear in comics and animation. I would like to draw their swimsuit appearance, underwear appearance, a bit slimy pose! There are many people who have such thoughts.
- Even if you repeat drawing based on a real woman, you cannot draw a sexy woman with a charm that seems to be manga/anime.
- Manga and animated characters are formed with original skeletons and muscles.
- So in this book, we dissected the manga / anime-style girl's own `bone` and `flesh feeling' thoroughly. What skeleton is the body of a sexy girl assembled?
- What kind of flesh attachment is made of a pleasing thigh or plump ass? How soft can it be drawn by grasping the tight with elasticity?
- Will explain the technique to draw a girl's body attractively from the fundamental part of bone and flesh.

● Drawing conscious of "bone". Manga's own "Character bone" drawing.
● Drawing conscious of "flesh". Deformed representation of a sexy body.
● Drawing poses with movement. Standing pose to sitting pose.

​- The contents such as how to draw parts such as face and hairstyle, how to draw underwear are enriched.
- It is a must-read book if you want to draw a sexy and attractive girl's body!

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An excellent book!
The delivery was really fast and the book is magnificent!!!!
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Do you think this review was helpful? 
Nice and cute
Beautiful and official visuals. For learning to draw or just appreciate. More personal and touchy than jpg.
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Excellent book for starting
It has a specific art-style but it's also a good one. I found it especially useful for it's overall heads and faces. Drawing a good body is one thing but you need a well-shaped head and face to really give life to your drawing.
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Really helps give you the references you need going forward.
One of the most important things about drawing, is knowing what you want to draw before starting. Reference is probably one of the most integral parts to art, even if it's from another's art. Asian Fantasy (and girls) is something many love for varying reasons. I love that traditional culture aspect and this is good for that.
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