Hyakka Yakou

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Version: Japan
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Item Description

The stage is the red-light district. The actors; human and ayakashi.
This is a tale about putting "freedom" on the line with the person you love, a tale of elopement.

A village of perpetual night in which humans and ayakashi intersect.
In that village exists a gorgeous, luxurious red-light district, "Takamagahara".

Florid lanterns that brilliantly shine, glamourous kimono and longings which melt and interlace into the early hours of night.

Everything there are dreams that are reality.

A single girl destined to live and work in this dream-like street.

The far-off radiance emitted by the world she desires outside of this small district is much too brilliant.

When she reaches a hand out towards this world she so loves and desires, what awaits her?

To yearn and to be yearned. As she began to take the hand of the one she loves, the gears of fate circle.

Sever the chains, cross over the fence and come now, towards the night of a hundred flowers.

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