Ichijo Hibiki Photo Style Book: Flawless

Version: Japan
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A must-see photo style book for fans that shows the perfect beauty, Hibiki Ichijo, completely naked.
Hibiki Ichijo is an active cast member and director of ``FORTY-FIVE TOKYO,'' one of Kabukicho's most prestigious stores with many famous cast members, and the representative of the eyelash extension salon ``Eye Sound.''She not only records phenomenal sales of 30 million yen a day and 100 million yen for a three-day birthday event but also works as a model, demonstrating her multi-talented talents.

The shooting location is LA. With the clear skies, dry winds, and showers of sunlight on the West Coast, she takes on many different expressions.
The theme of this book is ``Exposing Hibiki Ichijo completely naked.''
On a avenue lined with palm trees and on a boat floating on the sea. At a restaurant in town, at a pool at night. Natural, chic, and elegant. Everything about Hibiki Ichijo is packed here, including his innocent smile and inviting gaze.


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