In The Wake Of Doshin, The Giant [Limited Edition] (Vinyl)

Version: Japan
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track listing

Side A:
1. Theme of Doshin the Giant
2. Yellow Giant
3. All Along the Bardo Island
4. The Island of Memory
5. Light of Fifth
6. Bonfire
7. The Island Without Anything

Side B:
1. A Morning Jungle
2. Paradise Zone
3. Yellow Giant Reprise
4. Music of the Festival
5. Preparations of the Festival
6. Time
7. Heat From Grass
8. A Life of People

Item Description

Tropical ambient set in a fictional tropical island.NINTENDO 64DD game "Doshin the Giant 1" the original soundtrack is the first official LP record!

This work, released in 2000, contains a total of 15 songs, including new recordings and versions that have not been used in the game before it was converted for 64. As Mr. Asano himself says, "Music that is fluffy, bushy, soft and warm, like a creature that is ringing over the mountains," Asano himself says, it is charming but elusive. The appearance stands out among the myriad of game music.

・ Limited to 500 copies
・ For fans of World, Ambient & Video game music

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