DSi Enhanced
Starting with the release of the Nintendo DSi™ consoles, new features have been implemented into handheld consoles from Nintendo™. Unlike most predecessors, the DSi (in all variants, including XL/LL versions) support region locks for game cartridge playback.

Since Nintendo DS™ and Nintendo DSi™ games are mostly also running on the other system, finding out which game runs on what system may become a bit more complicated.

Nintendo DS™ means the models "DS" and "DS lite".
Nintendo DSi™ means the models "DSi", "DSi XL" and "DSi LL"

  • Nintendo DS™ games
    • Work on all Nintendo DS™ consoles, regardless of territory
    • Work on all Nintendo DSi™ consoles, regardless of territory

  • Nintendo DS™ (DSi Enhanced) games
    • Work on all Nintendo DS™ consoles regardless of territory but will not offer "DSi Enhanced" features.
    • May not work on Nintendo DSi™ consoles from different territories
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