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Initial D [1st Stage Boxset]

DVD Region 3
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Initial D [1st Stage Boxset]


  • No. of Disc: 8

track listing

ACT.1 究極豆腐店的飄移ACT.2 復仇宣言﹗TURBO咆哮ACT.3 Specialist 登場ACT.4 交流戰突入ACT.5 五個連續髮夾彎 會發生什麼事ACT.6 新挑戰來了ACT.7 飛車手的尊嚴ACT.8 Time Up 寸前ACT.9 極限BattleACT.10 爆裂﹗五連髮夾彎ACT.11 Dangerous 慎吾登場ACT.12 絕殺FR的死亡比賽ACT.13 阿樹的初次約會ACT.14 會進化的飄移天才ACT.15 拓海 怒濤的淚走﹗ACT.16 碓冰山路的AngelACT.17 Sudden Death Death MatchACT.18 熱風激走碓冰山路ACT.19 決鬥超級飄移ACT.20 The End of SummerACT.21 Super Star 的挑戰狀ACT.22 激鬥Hill ClimbACT.23 雨中的Downhill BattleACT.24 赤城之白慧星ACT.25 決戰 Last BattleACT.26 新Downhill 傳說(最終回)


Takumi Fujiwara is the son of the owner of a local tofu shop. At night, Fujiwara gets in his souped up AE86 Sprinter Trueno and races on the seldom-used Japanese mountain roads. One night, the Akagi Red Suns team, a racing club, challenges the Akina Speed Stars to a race on the mountain where Fujiwara lives. Keisuke, one of the leaders of the Red Suns, races his legendary Mazda - only to be beaten by the mysterious Fujiwara.

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