Innocent Life

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On a small island in the southern hemisphere, there lives an old professor called Glane, and living with him is a robot youth created by him called "Innocent Life". You as the player plays as this youth, adventuring and growing crops at the same time, discovering the secrets of the sealed land, and understanding the "meaning of life" in his growing process, developing into a being of flesh and blood.

在南半球漂流的某個小島上,住著一位名叫GLANE的老博士,和他相依為命的是博士親手創造出來稱為「INNOCENT LIFE (無瑕生命)」的機器人少年,玩者所扮演的這位主角將一邊冒險,一邊培育各種農作物,來解開被封印的土地之謎,並透過生命成長的過程了解「生命的真諦」,進而成為真正有血有淚的人。

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