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三年前,范國生(劉青雲 飾)精神分裂症病發,殺害 妻子方慧玲(葉璇 飾)後自殺不遂,被警方拘捕後判入精神病院作無限期治療。
周明傑(黃曉明 飾)成為范國生的主診醫生,經過三年的治療後,他認為范國生已經康復,力排眾議,堅決讓范國生出院。可惜重投社會後的范國生受盡歧視,再次步向崩潰邊緣,一時衝動下,錯手將一名癮君子殺害,走投無路, 范國生只能向周明傑求助。

Three years ago, FAN (LAU Ching Wan) had a schizophrenic breakdown and killed his wife (Michelle YE Xuan). He later attempted to commit suicide but was unsuccessful, and was eventually sentenced to rehabilitate in a psychiatric facility indefinitely.
Dr. CHOW (HUANG Xiao Ming) is FAN’s psychiatrist. He believes FAN is cured after 3-year treatment and is alone in opposition to all doctors’ objections to discharge FAN. After releasing from the facility, FAN faces discrimination and misunderstanding and once again finds himself at the brink of collapse. One night, he mistakenly kills a drug addict on impulse. He is driven to despair and comes to Dr. CHOW for help.
Having thought about it, Dr CHOW fears his career will be wrecked if it is uncovered and therefore helps FAN abscond. The concealment of the truth subtly snowballs into chaos as it triggers media criticism and attacks due to his missing murderous patient. In order to redeem himself, CHOW decides to cure FAN with a confined treatment outside hospital secretly. In the course of the treatment, their strain is intensified and later becomes a face-off between CHOW and FAN. Once and for all, can CHOW make his way out of this bottomless whirlpool?


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