Kamen Rider Build x Uchu Sentai KyuRanger the movie

Version: Hong Kong
DVD Region 3
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Language  Japanese, Cantonese
Subtitles  Chinese (Traditional)

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但原來這一切,也不過是要殲滅幪面超人Build/桐生戰兔的存在,並將真相隱藏起來的計劃!失去了最佳拍檔、從惡劣處境中延伸出來的答案,便是奇蹪法則。為何Build Driver需要用到兩個滿裝瓶才可起動?又為何幪面超人Build/桐生戰兔需要戰鬥?答案只有一個!

宇宙戰隊九連者 THE MOVIE 蓋斯因達貝的逆襲
距離巨大彗星兵器「蓋斯星」與地球發生碰撞只餘下72小時!為了得到可控制全宇宙的神之力量,暗黑幕府Jark Matter獨立部隊的隊長蓋斯因達貝計劃將地球消滅。而要阻止如此巨大的敵人,必須集合三顆散落於宇宙之中、隱藏著不可思議之力量的神秘石頭。因此,宇宙戰隊展開了從惑星到惑星、環遊宇宙的大冒險!在地球面臨滅亡之際,有一個可輕易跨越日本列島的「十億噸級超巨大機械人」突然出現,一飛衝天、力量全開!這個儼然終極救世者的身影令所有人都驚訝不已,到底它是敵是友?

"Kamen Rider Build the Movie: Be the One
After the civil war between Touto, Seito and Hokuto, a new government is established under the Pandora Tower. It seems to be entering a peaceful period, but it actually a complete plan that uses to destroy Kamen Rider Build and Sento Kiryu, and conceal the truth. Losing his perfect partner, how can Sento stop the new government’s evil plan? And why two bottles are used in BUILD DRIVE? Find the answer in the last experiment!

Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger the Movie - The Geth Indaver Strikes Back
In order to get the power of controlling the Universe, Goes Invader from Jasrk Matter created a giant artificial comet Goes Star to attack the Earth. To stop the attack, Kyurangers need to find three mysterious power stone from different planets so they start a cosmic adventure!
And at the last-minute, a “Gigaton Giant Robot” suddenly come out and soar up into the sky! Who is it!?"

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