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Kimagure Strawberry Cafe

Compatible with PlayStation 2™ (PS2™)

For JPN/Asian systems only.
Version: Japan
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*so happy*
This is such a great game! If you like games like Angelique or Tokimeki Girl\'s Side, give this one a try! You\'ll love it.

The point of the game: You\'re a girl who is senior in high school (named Ichigo, haha) and your schmoopy loveydovey parents leave on a vacation and leave you in charge of their family business for a year. Turns out the business is a cafe/kissaten. Ichigo doesn\'t like sweets and doesn\'t know much about baking or anything, but she better learn fast! Luckily she has her childhood friend guy Tohru who is the standard all-around nice guy who plays soccer, he grudgingly offers to help and take care of wait staff if you can manage the finances and cooking.

So he brings along his younger friend Yusuke-kun (the token Young Innocent Boy, he BUGS ME rgh) and they work part time, you hire more guys as time goes by, you research recipies and new ingredients and techniques to use to make better food for the restaurant, and as the food gets better you can raise your prices and make more profit. You work out the schedule and stuff. I find it interesting that you, the gal, are in charge of the business and you boss the team of bishboy staffers around to do your bidding. Having them all calling you boss is so enjoyable.

The main chara girl has PERSONALITY and ATTITUDE. It\'s so much better than when the main girl is like \"gentle and kind to all\" This girl is much more human than most of the girls we see in games: she yells, punches, gets embarrassed, tells guys off, pesters people into doing things for her, freaks out, etc. She\'s more real and funny and not boring at all. She\'s not stupid either! You can study and get really good test scores. She naturally gets around 175 out of 200 points on her tests if you only study like 1/3 of the time.

And none of the female charas are stereotypical in any way other than the snob girl: there\'s a college girl who pervs on bishboys (\"not just bishounen! biseinen too\") and ain\'t afraid to admit it (she sits in the restaurant waiting for a little \"SERVICE\" from your waiters, hahaha.) There\'s the sweet innocent Best Friend who is secretly totally conniving and snarky, and the main guy\'s mom is a chubby housewife lady who, when her little daughter smacks her oniichan for being mean, says \"Now Shuuko, girls shouldn\'t use their hands to slap boys.\" *pause* \"Use your whole fist.\" XDDD And the guy walks you home after that and when Ichigo says thank you, he goes, \"It\'s not like I wanted to, if I didn\'t walk you home my mom would beat me!\" I LIKE THE MOM.

It cracks me up how the game kind of pokes fun at the \"cafe full of cutesy waitresses in fluffy aprons\" genre of games. The art is very nice if you like shoujo or girl\'s manga. The main gal is a bit overacted and sometimes the dialogue is a bit over my head but I am so happy with it. So happy. I hope Play Asia will start to carry more games like this that are aimed at girls.

[oh: and Ueda Yuuji is one of the guy\'s voices. I couldn\'t believe it. Anyone who\'s a fan of his should definitely get this.]
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