Labyrinth Of Zangetsu Music Collection

Version: Japan
Audio CD
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track listing

1. 畢命‐タイトルテーマ‐
2. 出陣‐出陣のテーマ‐
3. 試煉‐試煉場テーマ‐
4. 刹撃‐通常戦闘テーマ‐
5. 安堵-勝利ジングル-
6. 寶物-宝の箱テーマ-
7. 時事-イベントテーマ-
8. 残月‐異土城テーマ‐
9. 同朋‐墨滅者登録テーマ‐
10. 帰休-帰還ジングル-
11. 支度‐交易所テーマ‐
12. 合掌-寺院テーマ-
13. 出陣II-街道テーマ-
14. 凶敵-イベント戦テーマ-
15. 月影‐山麓大樹海テーマ‐
16. 染黒-大墨獣層テーマ-
17. 血戦‐大墨獣戦テーマ‐
18. 火影-古代溶岩道テーマ-
19. 邂逅-NPCテーマ-
20. 風沙-呉蓮庭園テーマ-
21. 伽藍-呉蓮の塔テーマ-
22. 燈心-NPCテーマ-
23. 霊峰-富嶽山火口テーマ-
24. 緊迫-大墨獣イベントテーマ-
25. 元兇-朧神戦テーマ-
26. 残息-NPCテーマ-
27. 安寧‐エンディングテーマ‐
From DLC -深黒之刻-
28. 深黒-深黒化テーマ-
29. 解封-異土八ノ蔵テーマ-
30. 殉月-NPCテーマ-
31. 血脈-深黒化上階層テーマ-
32. 降臨-最終決戦テーマ-
33. 転華 -深黒之刻エンディングテーマ-

Item Description

■ A magnificent world view created by a Japanese-style × classic return × 3D dungeon RPG ■

The soundtrack of "Zagetsu no Sakyu", which has received high praise from beginners to core fans with the theme of Japanese style x classic regression x 3D dungeon RPG, is finally here!

In this work, a bold challenge is unfolded against the disaster called "Ink of Destruction", and the many songs by Takahiro Eguchi that perfectly blend into the world of the work create a majestic scene in which the battle continues in dire situations. This work includes a total of 33 songs, including songs newly created with DLC.
This is a piece that I would like you to listen to while thinking of the players who take on the challenge of disaster.


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