Little Busters! Converted Edition

Compatible with PlayStation Vita (PS Vita)
Version: Japan
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Little Busters! Converted Edition
Little Busters! Converted Edition
Little Busters! Converted Edition

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Little Busters is a combination of laughter and tears. The player becomes Naoe Riki who has the tendency to get wrapped up in his friends schemes. Some of them are overwhelmingly funny, the others might lead him straight to the heart and the past of certain characters. Although the game is based on the previously released 2007 PlayStation2 version, the graphics receives an overhaul. The screens become 960×544 pixels large, making the charm of the characters even more visible. Shooting, lunch box delivery and even adventuring in dungeons becomes even more exciting with touch screen controls.

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best ps vita games
i bought my ps vita console merely just for this game.

as you know "KEY makes the most awesome pc/psp game, and now its finally on ps vita. this ps vita game has the most beautiful graphic, 100 times better ps3. lots of mini games, and establish friendship and love throughout the game
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Much bigger than it looks
Very worth it at near $80. So much content that it felt like two games in one. I've clocked over two hundred hours after finishing my final route (granted, I don't skip dialogue like other people do). I downloaded this through the Japanese PSN - the game is almost 4Gb! All the minigames are fun, too. Virtually every single frame and sprite is of high quality thanks to the PSV's sharp graphics, and for those wondering to get between this and the PC version, this converted edition has 1.4 times as many CG's as the PC version. Also, one of the more popular side characters who used to be voice-only in the PC version (the female dormitory superintendent) now gets her own unique sprite. Itaru Hinoue and Na-Ga are both excellent artists and I enjoyed the different character designs - they don't feel 'recycled' like other games who only have one main artist.
Do note, however, that this is not the adult version; regardless, the game is outstanding with or without those "extra scenes." BGM and songs are of standard KEY quality (Lia and Rita ftw).
Almost the entire game can be manipulated using the Vita's touchscreen. The shooter minigame, in particular, is much easier using your fingers, but I found that using the buttons/analog sticks is more user-friendly for the dialogue and other minigames, such as baseball.
One thing I would have liked, however, is more slots for saves, or at least the ability to erase old saves. The PC version only had 99 slots to work with, but at least you could delete ones you don't need any more. The PSV edition comes with 200 slots, which may sound like a lot, but I found I needed about 250 for all the routes!
The main story itself is yet another one of Jun Maeda's masterpieces, though I would have liked it if he had written the scenarios for all of the heroines' routes instead of sharing it with three other writers. (Melodrama, deus ex machina, alea iacta est, and a little pixie dust here and ther. But I suppose that's Key for you)
Overall, a brilliant game, and highly recommended for both Keytards and people who just want epic storytelling.
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Great Game. I don't read Japanese but I like this game, jeje.

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A good game re-lived on the PSVita
A must get for Keytards.
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As a whole. Wonderful game.
Wonderful story as a whole. But rather than the female leads, the male characters were awesome. XD
Concept of the story I guess would be "friendship".
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