Lo-fi Anime [Limited Edition] (Vinyl)

Version: Japan
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1. 君の知らない物語
2. 魂のルフラン
3. Don’t say lazy
4. 千の夜をこえて
5. ペガサス幻想
6. ムーンライト伝説
7. コネクト
8. 空色デイズ
9. ロマンティックあげるよ
10. ETERNAL WIND~ほほえみは光る風の中~

Item Description

"Lo-Fi Anime" is a cover of a new popular anime song by Gray October Sound, a lo-fi hip-hop production team that has quickly become famous overseas.
Gray October Sound. Their new lo-fi hip-hop cover is an anime song that Japan is proud of to the world! "Dragon Ball", "BLEACH", "Saint Seiya", "Puella Magi Madoka Magica". Covers a group of songs that are highly popular overseas, such as theme songs and insert songs for "K-ON!" etc.!
In addition, the visual images for this work, such as the jacket, are used as advertising art on the covers of numerous books and CDs.
Worked on video visuals, and was also in charge of the visuals for ``Lo-Fi Ghibli'' and ``Lo-Fi City Pop.''
Created by illustrator Rika Hase.


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