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Lycee Overture Ver. GIGA 1.0 Booster Pack (Set of 20 Packs)

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  • 20 Packs/Box (8 Cards/Pack)
  • Limited availability
  • Actual product may differ from photos.


Randomly enclosed.

The long-awaited popular brand "Caricature" participates in Rise!

That long-established beautiful girl game brand "Caricature" has arrived with full satisfaction in Lycee Overture!
A selection of works from a caricature brand with many popular works is recorded in the largest volume ever! In addition to the cast foil stamped autograph card, the original game illustrator foil stamped autograph card is also included!
Since you can build a deck with just the card of this product, "Ver. Caricature 1.0", you can rest assured even if you are a freshman from this bullet! You can also enjoy various deck construction by combining with cards of other brands!

No. of large volumes recorded:
The number of recorded cards in "Ver. Caricature 1.0" is larger than that of a normal booster pack! A variety of cards unique to a large set strengthen the deck!

Attention point of recording card:
You can build a deck with the characters of each work!
The recorded game title is "15 works + α", which is the largest ever! The number of card types is also large, which will make a big difference in the game environment.
Since the cards of each work are assigned to one attribute, you can make the characters of your favorite work play an active part in the same deck!

Foil stamping sign card information:
-Sanma Aji ("Fuyukis" as Yukihi Mikasa)
-Kaname Shirotsuki ("Clarias of Flash Steel" as Sherry-Linestad)
-Ayame Saegusa ("Aikis 2" as Ayame Saegusa)
-Risa Matsuda ("With a maiden in love" Guardian Tate Re: boot The “SHIELD-9” ”as Sadako Sanada)
-Honoka Imuraya ("Bald Sky" as Rain Kirishima)
-Hazuki Sakura ("Bald Sky" as Minazuki Sora)
-Nekonyan (Original game illustrator)
-Kikuchi Masaru (Original game illustrator)

No. of card types:
-SR14 types
-R36 types
About 78 other types + parallel glitter, foil-stamped sign card, etc. (planned)
(The number of types is the total number of types in the entire production product. Since it is randomly enclosed in the products for sale, it is necessary to prepare all types depending on the product. The number of purchases is different.)

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