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"I want to be a resident of this world.It is a work that you want to make a treasure. "

The fairy tale "MAGICA" series, which is a hot topic on SNS. The long-awaited book in all colors with the addition of a newly drawn book!

It was a big hit on Twitter and pixiv. In addition to Beautiful Country, Blade of Happiness and Evil Utopia, includes a 33-page new work "Phoenix Asaborake". A total of 47 pages are newly drawn.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful magician. His magic is only one, turn the brilliance of life into a jewel. Only strange magic. A helpless magician who can't save anyone with magic. Depicting comedy in space and tragedy in space, stories like jewels of life.

The curtain of trembling fairy fantasy is about to rise!

☆ Recorded work ☆

"Beautiful country"
People living in this country eat "mermaid meat", which has an immortal effect, as their staple food. I will stay young and beautiful until the end of my life. In such a dreamy country, the boy Ruki met in the sea at the supposedly extinct "pure-blooded sea mermaid."

"Happiness blade"
With Chico, who runs the restaurant "Happiness Tei", which is reputed to be delicious enough to shed tears. Nata, a great hero who is famous as an undefeated swordsman in the world. A story of a deep bond that two people with different worries, ways of life, and personalities meet and carve.

"Evil Utopia"
Pochi, a young man who lives on a star where a villainous system where the stolen life becomes money is widespread. What I got in every day that took someone's life to connect tomorrow's life. It was a seed of a plant that changed its appearance based on the hearts of the growers.

"Phoenix Asaborake"
One day, the girl meets a "phoenix" who wants to die while living in eternal time.
The phoenix gives out a knife and urges him to cut his neck ...
What is the dawn of the phoenix and the girl who want to die?

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