Mahogakko [w/ T-shirt (L) Limited Edition]

Version: Japan
Audio CD
Not yet published or released Expected to ship: 29-Jul-2024
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Mahogakko [w/ T-shirt (L) Limited Edition]

track listing

1. 行っちゃった
2. 行つてしまつた / 長谷川白紙 & KID FRESINO
3. 口の花火
4. 撤回
5. 蕾に雷
6. 恐怖の星
7. ねんねこころみ
8. 禁物
9. 魔法インター(v2)
10. ボーイズ・テクスチャー
11. えんばみ(※「えん」は正しくは火の下に火が二つ)
12. 外

Item Description

Hasegawa Hakushi to release the first full-length album after contract with Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder in July 2023. The album contains 12 songs, including the single "Mouth Flash" featuring bassist Sam Wilkes, "Itteshimatta" with KID FRESINO, a self-cover of " thunder in bud," a song provided to KAF, "Kyofu no Hoshi" with horn arrangement by Miho Hazama, and "Boy's Texture" mastered by Heba Kadry. Includes lyrics and commentary. Comes with a T-shirt (Size: L).