Mega Drive Mini 2 Celebration Album

Version: Japan
Audio CD
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track listing

1. Megadrive Mini 2 ~Menu Music~
2. After Burner II -Super Arr Ver.-
3. Alien Soldier -Super Arr Ver.-
4. Viewpoint -Super Arr Ver.-
5. Aah! Harimanada -Super Arr Ver.-
6. MDM2 Medley -Super Arr Ver. Bal Musette Mix-(Bonanza Bros. 〜 Columns III: Taiketsu! Columns World 〜 Fantasy Zone)
7. Crusader of Centy -Super Arr Ver.-
8. Gain Ground -Super Arr Ver.-
9. Phantasy Star II: At the End of the Restoration -Super Arr Ver.-
10. Thunder Force IV -Super Arr Ver. Radio Edit Plus-
11. OutRun -Super Arr Ver.-

Item Description

Adults get serious! Impressive experience of "Sound Shock!"

In commemoration of "Mega Drive Mini 2", which will be released from Sega Co., Ltd. on Thursday, October 27, 2022, the CD "Mega Drive Mini 2 -Celebration Album-" will be released at the same time!

In this album, the "menu music" played on the menu screen of this unit by composer Yuzo Koshiro, and arranged by Kei Takanishi, who is familiar with the appendix flexi sheet of the legendary game magazine "Beep" and the CD "Technosoft Music Collection" series. 12 carefully selected masterpieces will be delivered in a super arranged version.

The songs included are Yuzo Koshiro's original BGM "Menu Music" that flows on the menu screen of "Mega Drive Mini 2", and Kei Takanishi's super arranged version 10 tracks (* "Afterburner II", "Alien Soldier", "Viewpoint"). ”, “Ah Harimanada”, “MDM2 Medley [“Bonanza Brothers”-“Columns III Confrontation! A total of 11 tracks including "At the End of Time of No Return", "Thunder Force IV", and "Outrun")!

In addition, the booklet includes Yuzo Koshiro's secret story about the production of "Menu Music" and Kei Takanishi's commentary on the super-arranged version of the music, making it a must-have item for old and new mega drivers!

This work will be delivered from the brand "SOUND! SHOCK SERIES" that invites Game Sound fans to shock.

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