Mega Drive Mini 2

Version: Japan
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Mega Drive Mini 2
Mega Drive Mini 2

Product Features

  • You can save anywhere in the game up to 4 locations, then load many times and play it repeatedly
  • Can be operated like the original with sophisticated design of power switch, power light and reset button
  • Featuring over 50 SEGA / Mega CD and Genesis / Mega Drive games

Item Description

The iconic Mega Drive console returns in a slick, miniaturized form along with a classic 6B Fighting Pad controller.

Titles included with the system:

First Set
- Bonanza Bros.
- Fantasy Zone
- Magical Taruruuto-kun
- Shining in the Darkness
- Thunder Force IV(Lightening Force: Quest for the Darkstar)
- Virtua Racing
- Mansion of Hidden Souls
- Popful Mail
- Shining Force CD
- Silpheed
- Sonic the Hedgehog CD

Second Set
- After Burner II
- Columns III: Revenge of Columns
- Megapanel
- Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water
- Out Run
- Puzzle & Action: Ichidant-R
- Splatterhouse 2
- Star Mobile
- Night Striker
- The Ninja Warriors
- Starblade

Third Set
- Aah! Harimanada
- Alien Soldier
- Fatal Fury 2
- Gyuwanburaa Jikochuushin Ha Katayama Masayuki no Majong Dojo
- Spatter
- Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers
- Tatsujin
- Final Fight CD
- Lunar: Eternal Blue
- Lunar: The Silver Star
- Wondermega Collection

Fourth Set
- Gain Ground
- Phantasy Star II
- Populous
- Sorcerian
- Tougi Ou: King Colossus
- Viewpoint
- Ecco the Dolphin CD
- Robo Aleste
- Romance of the Three Kingdoms III
- Shin Megami Tensei
- Tenka Fubu: Eiyuu-tachi no Houkou

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Great Mini Console
If you’ve never played the original Genesis, then this is an affordable way to catch up on some brilliant games you missed out .
I was able to play the games that are not included on the American Version .
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Another great mini console
Build quallity is top notch just like the other one.
The emulation and front-end is really nice too. This one comes with a few previously unreleased games, and a couple of arcade ports. The Space Harrier 1 port is the highlight of the console.
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Having an officially licensed Sega Megadrive emulator is a great for collectors. Too bad Lunar and its sequal is not translated. But still worth it.
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Best purchase I ever made
I love the look of the new Sega Mega Drive Mini 2, I enjoy this mini system a lot
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Must have for Fanatic fans of the mega drive
I ended up getting both the NA and Japanese versions of this just to have the most complete collection. And some of the games on the Japanese mega drive like romance of the three kingdoms has the English version on it. And there are some intersting things that are unique on the Japanese version.
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