Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater Original Soundtrack

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Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater Original Soundtrack

track listing

01- Snake Eater (NH)
02- "METAL GEAR SOLID" Main Theme (METAL GEAR SOLID 3 version) (HGW)
03- CQC (HGW)
04- Virtuous Mission (HGW+NH)
05- On The Ground~Battle In The Jungle (NH)
07- Shagohod (HGW)
08- Operation Snake Eater (NH)
09- Mission Briefing (HGW)
10- Across The Border~Snake Meets The Boss (HGW)
11- Eva's Unveiling (NT+NH)
12- Ocelot Youth (HGW+NH)
13- The Cobras In The Jungle (HGW)
14- The Pain (NH)
15- The Fear (NH)
16- Fortress Sneaking (HGW)
17- Underground Tunnel (HGW)
18- The Fury (NH)
Healing Tracks
19- Surfing Guitar (66 Boys)
20- Sailor (Starry.K)
21- Salty Catfish (66 Boys)
22- Old Metal Gear (Starry.K)

01- Battle In The Base (NH)
02- Volgin, The Torturer (HGW+NH)
03- The Sorrow (HGW+OK)
04- Clash With Evil Personified (NH)
05- Sidecar - Escape From The Fortress - (HGW)
06- Sidecar - On The Rail Bridge - (HGW)
07- Takin' On The Shagohod (NH)
08- Escape Through The Woods (NH)
09- Troops In Gathering (HGW)
10- Life's End (HGW)
11- Last Showdown (NH)
12- The Return Of The MiGs (NH)
13- Don't Be Afraid (RM)
14- Eva's Reminiscence (NH)
15- Debriefing (HGW)
16- Way To Fall (Star Sailor)
Healing Tracks
17- Rock Me Baby (66 Boys)
18- Pillow Talk (Starry.K)
19- Jumpin' Johnny (Chunk Raspberry)
20- Sea Breeze (Sergei Mantis)
Extra Track
21- Snake vs Monkey (kobo)

Item Description

This MGS soundtrack also features a "Special Camouflage Download" program, which allows players whom have a copy of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater to get new camouflage uniforms in the game by inserting this Audio CD into the PS2 at the appropriate time, after selecting "Special Camouflage Key" from the "Special" menu of the game.

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Pleasantly surprised!
Metal Gear Solid 3 has hands-down the best soundtrack from the series. It has some of the best music I've heard in a videogame. It comes with the licensed music too, so I say it's a pretty good deal!
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Great Soundtrack
It's the best soundtrack of the saga. My favourites songs are: Way to fall, Don't be Afraid, Snake Eater, and MGS Main Theme, but all are excellent.
Don't think, buy it!
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Snake Melody
Nice artwork on it, tracks are very energetic.
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Must own
Amazing soundtrack for the best game in the series. I never get tried of listening to it.
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Amazing soundtrack. What else can I say?!
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