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Language  Japanese, Cantonese
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Miss Hokusai
Miss Hokusai
Miss Hokusai


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德川幕府時代,狹窄簡陋的長屋內住了以「葛飾北齋」之名創作浮世繪的鐵藏【松重豐 飾】、女兒阿榮【杏 飾】以及食客池田善次郎【濱田岳 飾】。雖然鐵藏已經步入老年,但是他的創作力依然不減當年。阿榮現年23歲,是鐵藏的第二個女兒,她繼承了父親的創作才能,可是作爲女流之輩很難得到認可。與阿榮同歲的善次郎曾是一名武士,仰慕葛飾北齋的他在春宮畫方面頗有一手。三人在這間雜亂無章的小屋內日以繼夜的埋首創作,阿榮曾誇口說:「父女二人,有兩支畫筆兩雙筷,到哪裡打滾都有得吃!」然而隨著困難時期的來臨,阿榮也不免變得搖擺不定。一向豁達的北齋,當面對雙目失明的幼女阿猶【清水詩音 飾】時終究難掩擔憂煩惱之情。阿榮、善次郎與國直【高良健吾 飾】相逢,羡慕、敬仰、尊重、自卑等百樣情感交雜其中。四季流轉,充滿活力的江戶街道與雄壯寬廣的兩國橋上,留下了遙遠時代年輕人們的身影……
“Miss Hokusai” is the story of O-Ei, daughter of one of Japan's most famous artists, Katsushika Hokusai. During the Edo Period, he created some of the most iconic images like “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” and by popularizing a new line-drawn style he set the groundwork for what would become the modern Manga, which makes him the Godfather of Anime (and, yes, also tentacle erotica).
The movie depicts the new capital Edo, which would become modern day Tokyo, during a time of restoration and unification. This led to a new found prosperity, which in turn led to a prospering art-scene and personal freedom. The attempt to recreate the look and atmosphere of Edo during its heyday and taking the viewer on a tour through the city is as much part of the plot as the characters.
The story itself is less like a traditional linear plot but more like a series of vignettes that channel a famous piece of art to portrait the members of the Hokusai family. Beside the father and the older daughter, the stories also centers on O-Ei's relationship to her younger sister Onao, who has been blind since birth. To connect to the world, O-Ei uses descriptions lets Onao's use her other senses to experience her surroundings. It's basically art explaining itself within a work of art.
If this doesn't sound too meta for you and you're ok to let art talk for itself, this is for you. Everyone else be aware that there is very little of the common Anime tropes in this one.

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