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Mitsuki Motomiya Original Illustration Daki Kano Kumakawa Yuki Dakimakura Cover (Includes Voice Download Code)

Version: Japan
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Product Features

  • Material: High-density 2-way Tricot, Aqua Veil
  • Size: Approx. W500mm × H1600mm
  • Includes: Voice Download Code Privilege
  • Limited availability
  • Actual product may differ from photos.

Item Description

"Yuki Kumagawa" body pillow cover.
"Daki Kano" is a date with "her" who is right next to "you", having sex with her, and talking slowly until you fall asleep.
It is made with the concept of wanting you to spend a wonderfully sweet time while flirting with a life-sized "girlfriend" that makes you want to cuddle.

The dakimakura cover has a special moisturizing treatment and is made of Aqua Lycra fabric that expresses the freshness of the skin as it is, so you can enjoy the feel of Yuki sticking to it. For purchasers, it is a specification that you can enjoy together with a download code that allows you to download her voice "Sweet Situation Voice (CV: Yui Kusuhara)".

For the scenario of the situation voice, Takumi Minase, who was in charge of the scenario for "PRIMAL x HEARTS 2" and "Essence of love colored by a girl (ensemble)", wrote a sweet and flirty scenario. For the voice, we asked Yui Kusuhara, the voice actress who is in charge of the main heroines of various games. Situation voices can be downloaded by entering the code on the dedicated download page of the “Dakikano” official website.

Download period: March 03, 2023 noon to May 08, 2023 noon. Voice data is downloaded When it becomes possible (please refer to the product page you purchased separately), there will be a place to enter the download code on the character page of the official website of "Daki Kano", so it will be included in the product. By entering the code number you have, you can download the zipped data. When you unzip the downloaded zip, the sound source in wav format will be expanded, so please listen to it.


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