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Mobile Suit Gundam Char Aznable Pia Complete Edition

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In 2020, we will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the launch of Gundam and start collaborating with various companies centered on Mobile Suit Gundam. The latest work, "Mobile Suit Gundam Flashlight Hathaway" was released on July 23 (Thu / holiday), and the Gundam Universe Century series is getting more and more exciting.

Pia released “Character Pia” featuring the characters who appeared in the anime, following the strong popularity of the Gundam series. Among them, "Char Aznable Pia", released in 2016, has become so popular that multiple editions are required. After that, "Char Aznable Pia Special Edition" and "Char Aznable Pia Ruum Edition" were followed, and this time, a complete version of Char's trajectory including "THE ORIGIN" appeared.

-Special Interview 4 Shuichi Ikeda (Char Aznable)
-Char Aznable name scene
-World with Char
-The era with char
-Mapping char
-Char's activity record
-Changes in Char Aznable
-Char's boarding machine & boarding ship
-Char Quotes
-Words directed to Char Aznable
◎ Positive char image of people
◎ Negative char image of people

-Why "Char" Will Come Back

-Relationship with Char
Amuro Ray
Lala Sun
Camille bidan

-People involved with Char
Zeon Principality
Civilian (one year war)
Earth Federation Army
Eugo / Caraba
Civilian (Gripps campaign)
Neo Zeon

-Consideration "Masked" which is the observation point of the world

"Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN"
The Trace of Char Aznable
Char's boarding machine & boarding ship
People involved with Char

-"Mobile Suit Gundam Flash Hathaway"

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