Moe Chronicle (Multi-Language)

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Language  Japanese
Subtitles  Chinese, English
Moe Chronicle (Multi-Language)
Moe Chronicle (Multi-Language)
Moe Chronicle (Multi-Language)
Moe Chronicle (Multi-Language)
Moe Chronicle (Multi-Language)
Moe Chronicle (Multi-Language)
Moe Chronicle (Multi-Language)

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guillaume.saupagna (1) on 15, Jul. 2016 00:46 (HKT)

A pretty good surprise
A funny game and not bad Dungeon Crawler. The game is definitely an "ecchi" game which doesn't takes itself seriously and so far (40h in) I'm having a blast.


Item Description

For those waiting for a localized version of the upcoming erotic dungeon crawler Genkai Totsuki Moero Chronicle, most news has only been in speculation, and at best, it's only been a mention of a future digital release. As such, instead of waiting, we'd like to introduce you to the only physical version in existence to have English and Chinese subtitles, as well as retaining the original uncensored Japanese experience!

Moero Chronicle is Compile Heart's Dungeon RPG follow-up to Genkai Toki Monster Monpiece- including Compile Heart's risqué, and apt, description of a "rubbing, pinching, panty-wearing RPG." Okay, so we have an idea of what we should expect.

The story follows Io, a young boy troubled by his profane and arguably perverted thoughts, which affects his ability to comfortably interact with the opposite sex.

His relationship with his confidant and only real friend, a beautiful monster girl named Lilia, creates some tension when the world starts experiencing natural disasters and hostility from the other monster girls!

With rumors of a "Legendary Monster Girl" bent on world, destruction starts to circulate, mankind is forced to take a stand. Io must now investigate the origins of the occurring phenomena, taking his childhood monster girlfriend along with him on a sexy adventure into the world of monsters.

Featuring a classic 3D dungeon crawling JPRG experience with a lot of fanservice, players will be able to delve deeply into dungeons with a party of gorgeous anime styled monster girls and engage in exciting tactical battle with a focus like no other game; players can target and exploit the weak spots of enemy monster girls, with an outfit degradation mechanic accompanied with an appropriate animation.

As well, since Moero Chronicle is the follow up to Monster Monpiece, the notorious "vertical rubbing" mechanic returns, improved with more over the top sounds, animations, and poses - used for capturing the hearts of the many monster girls that players will encounter.


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Great addition to my Vita collection
First of all, I want to thank Play-Asia for making this game available to those of us in the US who only get the censored digital version.

There isn't much I can say that hasn't already been said here. It is a fanservice game. It doesn't try to hide that fact on the cover and description. The game does not take itself too seriously and the first person dungeon crawling and turn based gameplay is fine and not overly complex, and the touch controls are very responsive. I don't usually like using the back toch pad on the Vita for any games but it is utilized well for this game.

It may not be an epic like DQ or FF games but it is not supposed to be an epic. It is a fun diversion and worth buying.
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Nice Game!
The character design is very cute, honor to the name MOE, very nice game.
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Fantastic game!
There is plenty of fan-service to be had and the story is surprisingly good.
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Love and Monsters
If you love monster girls, you're gonna love this game. This game has drama and fun in the same title. A must own title for any PlayStation vita owner
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Moero Chronicle le D-RPG du Plot de l'amour !
Moe Chronicle (ou Moero Chronicle) est donc un Donjon-RPG plutôt sympathique. L’histoire est plutôt cool et bien drôle sans vraiment se prendre la tête. Les phases de dialogues bien que parfois un peu longues sont souvent drôles et partent parfois complètement en délire: ce n’est donc pas le jeu épique où on sauve le monde tel un warrior en défonçant du dragon ! L’ensemble des voix sont doublées, il y a même des effets sur la poitrine des jeunes filles et des dialogues qui se déclenchent avec l’écran tactile.

Les combats sont fluides avec pas mal d’effets en tous genres, c’est vraiment sympa. Les monstres et les personnages sont tous super même si un peu rigides parfois. Otton que vous découvrirez au début du jeu est particulièrement drôle et ajoute une touche de sexy aux combats. Si vous battez trop souvent les monstres avec leurs faiblesses, il s’énerve et tape lui aussi !

Par contre une fois la première fin débloquée le niveau de difficulté augmente drastiquement, il faudra vraiment penser à votre composition. Le gain de niveau est également trop long, lorsque vous voulez monter un personnage plus faible c’est une véritable épreuve… Et si vous voulez les trophées ou finir complètement le jeu il va vraiment falloir farmer, et pas qu’un peu… C’est donc un jeu agréable dans la lignée des Demon Gaze avec une notion de plot en sus et très colorée en prime.
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