Moeru! Shinsei Buki Jiten

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Moeru! Shinsei Buki Jiten

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- God to use, many of the threat of armor that God has bestowed! One book that appeared in the fantasy works view of weapons varies greatly!
- More legible! More beautifully! More clarity!
- Vol.1 Japanese sword, following the second installment holy sword Ma sword and Moe! Encyclopedia series EXTRA 3rd is the true protagonist of the fantasy holy weapon theme.
- The arms and armor of the gods that decorate the myths and legends, can be precise because the large size of the B5 version, will introduce not Yosa in the text of the rich and powerful large-format illustrations!
- God of thunder Thor hammer Mjolnir, or of spear Gay Borg, twins god Apollo and Artemis of the bow and arrow ...... west from Europe Asia, on top of that Japan and to the Americas, and divine armor 47 pieces of the world that appeared in mythology and folklore + The α, Large introduce along with a beautiful girl illustrations reproduce the legend of the scene!
- Games and cartoons, of course, a famous weapon that may have seen in the novels, ultra-rare weapon until ...... mythology lore weapons Reality and variations of which appear to people in the know, and how the original story and the like, such as what was showing Na success, and clearly explained in detail!

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