Morning Musume '24 Oda Sakura Photobook: Sakura Flow

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Morning Musume, the longest-running female idol group in history, is celebrating its 26th year this year.
Sakura Oda, who has an overwhelming presence in the group with her overwhelming singing ability, has released her sixth solo photo book.
The theme is "Sakura Flow". She has a powerful singing voice and performance with a small body. However, with the desire to "see a different brilliance from the stage!", we focused on the aura that Sakura Oda possesses.
In order to capture her high vibration and innocence, which emits a strong energy that is not inferior to the natural beauty of Yakushima, we deliberately stripped away the natural and casual look and maximized her charm with one-piece dresses and dresses that have an extraordinary feel. Her dignified appearance in the midst of the wind, water, and drastic changes in the weather is overwhelming. This work is not just about strength but also has delicacy, transparency, and the "beauty" of a 25-year-old that overflows from within. It is truly a work that makes you feel the new realm of Sakura Oda.