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Language  English, Thai, Portuguese, Spanish
Subtitles  Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), English, Korean, Bahasa, Thai, Portuguese, Spanish

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發生於人類文明被摧毀的數百年後,一場名叫六十分鐘戰爭的戰事顛覆了人類的生存方式。人類終於適應並找到自己的生存之道,大大小小裝載巨輪的移動城市橫行求存,無情地攻擊掠奪,弱肉強食。湯姆(羅拔舒肯 飾)出生在最強獵食城市倫敦的低下階層,偶然遇上一心為母親復仇而登上倫敦的海絲特(海拉希爾馬 飾),卻一同意外掉到荒蕪橫蠻之地自生自滅!截然不同的倆人,為了生存,結為盟友,途中更遇上被懸紅的叛軍領袖安娜,他們唯有絕地孤注一戰,方能拯救未來!

特別收錄 (DVD 約38分鐘/BD 約60分鐘/UHD 約26分鐘)
- End of the Ancients(DVD / BD收錄)
- In the Air(DVD / BD收錄)
- Film New Zealand(DVD / BD收錄)
- Welcome to London(DVD / BD / UHD收錄)
- Character Series(BD收錄)

In a post-apocalyptic world where cities ride on wheels and consume each other to survive, two people meet in London and try to stop a conspiracy.

Special features (DVD around 38 Mins/ BD around 60 Mins/ UHD around 26 Mins)
- End of the Ancients(DVD / BD only)
- In the Air(DVD / BD only)
- Film New Zealand(DVD / BD only)
- Welcome to London(DVD / BD / UHD only)
- Character Series(BD only)

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