Music From KONAMI Antiques - Family Computer Vol.10 (Vinyl)

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track listing

01. Game Start
02. Opening Demo
03. Town, Village
04. Honshu Map
05. Battle
06. Inside the Castle
07. Boss
08. Dungeon
09. Kyushu Map
10. Chugoku Shop
11. Bananan Island Map
12. Ebisumaru Show
13. Hokkaido Map
14. Ryugu Castle
15. Final Boss
16. Ending
17. After Everything Else
18. Opening Demo
19. Town of Oedo
20. Dungeon
21. Battle

22. Village
23. Camel Travel
24. Pyramid
25. Yorozu Village
26. Donden Taiko Shop
27. Please Help Me
28. Tower of Babel
29. Simon Appears
30. Town, Harbor
31. Posan Village, Minato Village
32. Noten Ondo
33. Antarctic Research Vessel Travel
34. Hierun Port, Sappui Village
35. Antarctic Map
36. Kuimonmon City Paya Kingdom
37. Kuimon City Castle
38. Above the Clouds
39. Tobunbee Travel
40. Haduki Appears
41. Sidejob
42. Hope Mountain
43. Final Boss
44. Epilogue Part 1
45. Staff Roll
46. Game Over

Item Description

Unleash the retro-gamer within!
Press start, and let the emotions flow with Music from Konami Antiques ~Family Computer~ Vol.10.
This superb vinyl record, includes a marvelous selection of chiptune wonders from Konami classics like Ganbare Goemon Gaiden: Kieta Ōgon Kiseru & Ganbare Goemon Gaiden 2: Tenka no Zaihō
Get back to the golden age of gaming, you only need a record player and this record!


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