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My Friends Tigger and Pooh: Outdoor Fun!

DVD Region 3
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Episodes List:1. Porcupine Comes To Her Senses / Rabbit And Turtle's Re-Run - 豪豬的感官/龜兔再跑2. Bursting Pooh's Bubble / Beaver Gets Skunked - 破壞維尼的泡泡/海狸捉臭鼬3. Many Thanks For Christopher Robin / Turtle's Need For Speed - 感謝羅賓/烏龜要加油


Team up with the Super Sleuths as they enjoy playful games, delightful adventures and Outdoor Fun in the Hundred Acre Wood!Get set for excitement when Turtle and Rabbit compete in an amazing race. Chase Pooh as he soars above the trees in a super-sized, seemingly unpoppable bubble, and have a ball learning about good sportsmanship. You'll find that the great outdoors is even more fun when you share it with your best friends!一齊來加入超級拯救隊的行列,因為在百畝林裡,有各種好玩的野外遊戲和刺激冒險等著你!烏龜和瑞比決定模仿祖先,來一場龜兔賽跑,看看誰跑得快;小熊維尼一時貪玩,被困在一個巨型泡泡中,朋友們怎樣把他救出來呢?大家還會齊齊做運動,學習甚麼是體育精神!只要與好朋友在一起,所有野外活動都會變得特別好玩,樂趣無窮!

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