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第57屆金馬獎最大贏家,入圍11項大獎!台灣大導陳玉勳領軍,與金馬獎得主劉冠廷及金鐘獎得主李霈瑜打造又一奇幻愛情電影。在郵局工作的曉淇(李霈瑜 飾)是個超級急性子,她行事俐落、反應敏捷,偏偏愛情卻急不來,活了三十年依然單身。日復日沉悶的工作中,她發現有個慢半拍的寄信男(劉冠廷 飾),不論陰晴也每天到郵局寄一封神秘的信。情人節前夕,憧憬愛情的曉淇終遇上了陽光男搭訕約會,脫單在望。怎料一覺醒來,她期待而久的情人節居然消失了!斷了片的她完全沒有那天的記憶,就連陽光男與「慢世魔王」寄信男也同時失蹤! 曉淇決意踏上奇幻之程,尋找消失一天的真相,奪回屬於自己的幸福。

Hsiao-chi (Patty Lee) is a young woman who always rushes and gets things done quickly. However, she has made no progress in her love life and remains single in her late twenties. Every day, Hsiao-chi repeats the same work at the counter in the post office. Amongst all sorts of customers who Hsiao-chi has to deal with is a bus driver called Tai (LiuKuan-ting); Tai is as slow as a sloth and comes to Hsiao-chi in the post office to send a letter by ordinary delivery every day. Longing for a romance, Hsiao-chi cannot believe that handsomeWenson(Duncan Chou) chats her up and asks her out. As Valentine’s Day is approaching, Hsiao-chi looks so much forward to going on a date she has dreamt of, but to her astonishment, Valentine’s Day has disappeared when she wakes up from sleep!

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這產品尚未有評論 My Missing Valentine

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