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My Sims Kingdom

Compatible with Nintendo™ Wii (Wii™)

For US/Canada systems.
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My Sims Kingdom
My Sims Kingdom
My Sims Kingdom
My Sims Kingdom
My Sims Kingdom


  • Epic Storyline – Players must join forces with our other MySims to restore King Roland's kingdom to its former glory
  • New faces and familiar friends – Meet new MySims – like King Roland – And catch up with old friends like Ginny and Buddy who have both made delightful career changes!
  • Travel to New Lands – Traverse the vast and varied lands of the kingdom – each with its own unique theme – to discover all the unique things to do in each area, while you help the local citizens there
  • New building options – In addition to houses and furniture you can now build many more contraptions that will help you finish your epic quest for the King!


Set out on a story-telling journey of discovery and exploration to help King Roland and his subjects revitalize the Kingdom. Hear stories from old and new friends alike, discover fascinating new lands, and build to the limit of your imagination throughout this epic quest.

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Relaxing, funny, beautiful
EA chose a nice way to put those things together. My Sims Kingdom develops a good strategy along with a nice storyline and beautiful characters! Usually I don´t like those kind of Sims games, they look neverending, but hey... That one is sure good to have in your stock.

It´s awesome to have the wandolier power, build things, ruin things, make some crazy stuff... the power is within you, and your WiiMote!

P.S.: Buy it!
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Nice relaxing game
My son loves it! it gave him the liberty to explore leisurely and go and do whatever he likes, of course, that's wasting a bit of time on progressing in the game. But think it's good for developing exploratory and creativity avenues.
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No title
There's a whole series now for My Sims now, and where it was at first portrayed as a copy of Animal Crossing I find it to be very different. Funny thing in My Sims is that they release a DS-game for every title at the same time, that has a whole different story line then the Wii game. And not only different, not half as good either.

My Sims Kingdom is all about being a Wandolier, gathering essences and building things. Let me explain. The wandolier has a magic staff, with which she can build just about anything. (I need one of those things too!) Only thing she needs to do that are essences and scrolls. The essences you can collect through different means: digging, chipping away at walls, gathering the fruit off trees or fishing. And while looking for essences, you'll find scrolls too. The scrolls are kind of blueprints, and you can't use them unless you’ve gathered the prescribed essences. Your traveling partner Lindsay will unlock the scrolls after you've collected everything. And with these scrolls and the things you gather you do all kinds of chores and tasks.

Let me tell you, the sims you meet have a lot of strings to their bow. The kingdom consists of various islands, and there will be about 6 or 7 tasks for every island. So it takes some time to finish! The tasks differ, from herding animals to building houses or connecting electricity or water pipes. The electrical appliances are difficult for me, I must confess. I've been fiddling around forever before I finally managed to connect the computer center on Rocket Reef.

But I like the game. It has a laid back feeling to it, it really helps you to relax. No need to be on your toes because there aren't any enemies to slay. Everything is peacefull, colorfull and happy. Sometimes too happy, I tend to turn down the volume because there's only so much happy gibbering I can take.
Only thing that is really missing in the game is wifi. Why not make it so that it's able to connect to other kingdoms. In my opinion that's a lost opportunity!

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