Compatible with Nintendo DS™ (NDS™)
Version: US
Version: Japan
Works on all systems sold worldwide, a correct regional account may be required for online features.
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Product Features

  • Immerse yourself in 6 worlds ("ages") including a new age not see in the original game
  • Search spectacular Myst Island and unravel mysteries to discover the dramatic of the past
  • Solve a multitude of puzzles which will challenge your skills of perception and thought
  • Play with a simple Touch Screen interface that allows easy navigation

Item Description

You have just stumbled upon a most intriguing book, a book titled Myst. You have no idea where it came from, or how old it is. Reading through its pages provides you with only a superbly crafted description of an island world. But it's just a book, isn't it? As you reach the end of the book, you lay your hand on a page. Suddenly your own world dissolves into blackness, replaced with the island world the pages described. Now you're here, wherever here is, with no option but to explore...

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