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Natsumi Hirajima Vol. 3 Trading Card (Set of 6 packs)

Version: Japan
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Product Features

  • 122 different kinds
  • Limited availability
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Item Description

Amplifying sex appeal!
Muchimuchi's strongest milky body 3 times advent!

Natsumi Hirajima, also known as "Nacchan," is widely active with idols, gravure, voice actors, and motorcycle girls.
Nacchan's trading card is on sale with the strongest plump body!
"I think I was able to see various costumes that I wouldn't normally wear in gravure, Natsumi Hirajima," he said.
In such a trading card, a large amount of the popular "Pinspo Bikini Card" is already included, which is a card of the bikini worn at the time of shooting as well as the "autographed card" and "raw kiss card"!

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