NFL 2K (Dreamcast Collection)

Compatible with Dreamcast™ (DC™)

For JPN/Asian systems only.
Version: Japan
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NFL 2K (Dreamcast Collection)
NFL 2K (Dreamcast Collection)
NFL 2K (Dreamcast Collection)
NFL 2K (Dreamcast Collection)
NFL 2K (Dreamcast Collection)

Product Features

  • 1,300+ motion-captured character animations for the most realistic looking football game ever created.
  • True 3D collisions with complex point-based physics modeling.
  • High-resolution, 60 frames per second graphics engine for the most detailed characters to date.
  • Real-time weather which dramatically affects gameplay.
  • All 32 stadiums accurately modeled in true 3D.
  • Complete and accurate game and season statistics to satisfy the most hardcore fan.
  • Unprecedented level of detail in all aspects of the game: from the crowd leaving during a blowout, to characters on the sideline scattering as a player runs out of bounds.

Item Description

Why watch the game on TV when you can be right there on the turf, delivering bullet passes and bone-crushing tackles along side the pros? Dreamcast now gives you NFL-approved 3D football, created with playbooks designed by seasoned coaches and play-calling tendencies of real NFL teams. Over 1,300 motion-captured moves were shot using pro players, referees and stuntmen to create the most heart-stopping, ultra-realistic sports gameplay ever made. When you tackle the tight end, he doesn't just fall over. He responds to the direction and force of the tackle, and even stumbles if your aim falls short. You'll even get rained on or shouted at by the animated crowd, adding to the incredible detail and momentum of the game. Time to put those other football games out to pasture. Dreamcast scores.

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